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New Empire Corp (NEC) stands at the forefront of New York City’s real estate and development industry. With over 20 years of development and construction experience and more than 100 projects at premier locations in New York, your career will propel to higher heights with NEC as your trustworthy and well-respected firm in the real estate industry. 

Intricately involved in the entire ecosystem of a real estate development project from pre-design and architectural planning to construction and project delivery, we provide a unique all-inclusive process that has the versatility to meet any residential project's demands. NEC provides the opportunity for you to exchange expertise with our diverse range of in-house professionals and help you gain multidisciplinary prowess over the real estate field. 

At NEC, we believe in innovative ideas, timely action, and successful execution. We are a team of forward-thinking visionaries, pioneering planners and designers, and effective executors. Our mission is to redefine luxury and leisure living, building value in the local communities we create and touch for generations to come. If you are interested in working alongside our vision editors and impact developers, please consider our following openings. Join us in setting higher standards of sophisticated urban living, thus uplifting the economic vitality and quality of life for our developments’ residents, visitors, neighborhoods, surrounding communities, and cities at large!


A successful candidate is someone organized that can handle working in a fast-paced environment. You can balance and complete challenging tasks simultaneously within the scheduled timelines without compromising your quality of work.
You are
flexible and can handle working on multiple tasks. Different requirements will be asked from you throughout the day, and you can successfully adapt to meet these changes. 
creativity brings new ways of thinking and problem-solving solutions to the table. With your innovation and novel thoughts, you can approach, solve, and execute any issues through critical thinking. 
Our company’s success depends heavily on collaboration and
teamwork. Your effective and engaged communication skills allow you to work harmoniously alongside people of varying work styles. 
We want you to love what you do. Your
passion and eagerness to learn new things and seek ways to better yourself will help motivate you to become even better at what you do.

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