A large terrace is a dream of most people living in city apartments

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A large terrace is a dream of most people living in city apartments. Starting the day with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee, enjoying the beauty of a sunset with loved ones…a large terrace is all you need for magic to happen.

New York City has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world – and it’s not a surprise that apartments with a large outdoor space are usually hard to find. At 567 Ocean Avenue, New Empire’s upcoming condominium building in Prospect Park South Brooklyn, residents enjoy private outdoor space nearly 2/3 the size of the interior space of the condo unit. In Unit B703, a beautiful 2-bedroom home with 846 interior sf, a private terrace of 505 sf can be accessed through the living/dining area, while both the master and second bedroom enjoy the view through floor to ceiling windows.

567 Ocean Avenue | B703 |Terrace-505 SF

For family with kids, a private roof would be a dream come true. 567 Ocean Avenue’s Unit A805 offers a private roof of 709 exterior sf to this family-friendly 3-bedroom unit. For living, working or entertaining, a private roof does it all for you – enjoying quality family time, practicing yoga and meditation, inviting friends over for a summer rooftop party, you name it.

Also developed by New Empire, The Neighborly in Long Island City offers both private and public outdoor space. Open-concept living areas use space efficiently and are designed to maximize natural light. In Unit N7B, an elegant and spacious 3-bedroom unit with 1,436 interior sf, residents can access the 547 exterior sf of private balcony through the living room. From the balcony, residents enjoy the view of a beautiful Zen Garden connecting two residence buildings.

The Neighborly LIC | N7B |Terrace-547 SF

Since the pandemic, more people are opting to work from home and are spending most of their time indoor. A health living environment with some outdoor space for fresh air becomes an important aspect of our life, more than ever before.