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NYC’s Hottest New Buildings Combine the Best of Urban and Natural Living

In the past year, New Yorkers have rushed to move into new homes that combine ample outdoor space, high-end interior design, and first-in-their-class amenities. These modern real estate properties aren’t houses in Westchester, the Hamptons, or Long Island: They’re luxury studios, apartments, and penthouses in developer New Empire Corp.’s newest New York City buildings.

Launched at the start of the pandemic, apartment units in New Empire’s Neighborly project have completely sold out. Units in the developer’s 567 Ocean project are likewise expected to sell out soon.

Real estate firm Nest Seekers International serves as the exclusive broker for the two buildings. “Nest Seeker’s Senior Vice President Michael Bethoney and his team have done a great job for the sales,” says Bentley Zhao, Chairman and CEO of New Empire Corp. “Neighborly is the top sales in NYC.”

Marketproof credits the Neighborly with kicking off New York’s real estate comeback. Thanks to New Empire Corp.’s top-quality construction and elevated interior design, the Neighborly and 567 Ocean are leading the way in New York’s sales boom.

During COVID-19, buyers crave outdoor space, but also desire Manhattan-style amenities. The Neighborly and 567 Ocean are the only buildings that offer the best of both worlds. “[Buyers] are taking a high quality of life at a New Empire project over Manhattan,” says Bethoney. “It’s Manhattan quality with the enjoyment of outdoor city you can only find in Brooklyn and Long Island City.”

Take the Neighborly. Long Island City’s most luxurious building offers spacious units made up of top-of-the-line natural stone, pine-oak floors, custom floating cabinetry, and top-line construction. These powerful details come from the mind of interior designer Paris Forino, known throughout the world for bringing elevated style to top buildings in Manhattan and Miami. As Zhao says, “The quality is perfect.”

In Prospect Park, 567 Ocean continues New Empire Corp.’s trademark high-end design and construction. Units have full-leather stone, custom-size cabinets, full-panel systems, and more. Whether you’re looking to relax or socialize, 567 Ocean’s amenities offer it all: a quiet library, a huge party room, a top-tier gym, and more.

The building supplies many extra perks for the COVID-19 era. For instance, each unit in 567 Ocean includes its own air-conditioning system. While many buyers are concerned about the possibility that central air conditioning shares ventilation through different apartments, this is not a concern at 567 Ocean, where separate air conditioning zones give residents private air supplies. “The luxury that’s provided ends up being optimal for the COVID-19 period because now you have pure untainted air,” Bethoney says.

The most unique, attractive amenity during COVID-19 is 567 Ocean’s oasis of outdoor spaces, and many units come with private terraces. “We have options for people who want outdoor space in any studio type from studio to penthouse,” Bethoney says. All residents may access an interior zen garden lined with lush plants. On top of all this, Brooklyn’s best park, Prospect Park, is right around the corner.

“During the pandemic, everyone is stuck inside. To be across from Prospect Park is a huge draw for buyers,” Bethoney says. “People can stay in the city, yet not sacrifice being connected to the outdoors. What Bentley Zhao and New Empire Corp. provide is the convenience of open spaces while providing the perfect selection of amenities. New Empire Corp. buildings have stunning interiors and beautiful amenity spaces.”

The Neighborly and 567 Ocean are the perfect homes for this New York moment.


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