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Avenue Studio Study Room

Candice Peng 9/18/2020

Since the pandemic, many people choose to work from home to avoid exposure to the virus. The reality, however, is that not all of us have enough space at home solely devoted work/study. Even if you don’t have an entire room to spare, carving out a special work/study corner can still be something doable, here’s some helpful tips: For those who are lucky enough to have your own study at home, here’s some great ideas to design and decorate your room:

A study

If you have your own study – congrats! The rest is easy – your favorite set of desk and chair, plus a bookshelf/bookcase and you’re all set. A free-standing bookcase is probably not enough for space aesthetics. We recommend having a full-wall bookshelf not only for storing your books but also for decorations. Colors of the books and décor arrangements can add to the energizing vibe in your study.

A multi-functional Tatami room

If your spare room is larger than a standard study, consider converting it into a multi-functional Tatami room! To get started, you will need the following pieces: tatami mats +bookcase + desk and chair. Adding a tatami area in your study gives you the option to use the space for family and friends gathering as well. You can even install your closet here to use the space more efficiently.

Not enough space to create a study? Don’t worry, here’s how you can easily put together a creative work zone at home:

Make smart use of the corners

The corner space inside our bedrooms are often not fully utilized. With an L-shape corner desk and a bookcase – voila, your own special work zone is created. With customized furniture design at Avenue Home, your work zone furniture can seamlessly fit in with the other pieces in the bedroom.


Consider using your sunroom as a work zone. Though most sunrooms tend to have limited space, they provide a reliable and consistent source of natural light, which is one of the essential elements for a good work/study environment. A simple desk by a window with a bit of shelving nearby, along with good light, is all you really need. Enjoy beautiful views while taking a break from work!

Hope these tips gave you some ideas and inspirations on designing your study! A 10% discount on Avenue Studio merchandise is available for buyers of New Empire Corp. developed condominiums, DM us for more information!


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